Good news, Battle Pass owners! “Wrath of the Mo’rokai” (WOTM) — the latest Dota 2 Battle Pass event — is now available, along with exciting new goodies in Immortal Treasure II.

Valve announced the updates on its official blog.

The new game mode adds a twist on Dota 2’s familiar MOBA system. Instead of defending the Ancients, teams ally with one of two Ancient guardian known as a Mo’rokai. Your teams must gather essence from slain enemies and caches to enable your Mo’rokai to reclaim the dormant abilities it needs to defeat the rival Mo’rokai.

For every victory in WOTM, you and your team will earn 250 Battle Points, capping off the initial weekly total of 2,000 BP. Although it may seem small, the weekly cap will increase as you raise your Battle level.

For example, reaching level 150 will increase your weekly cap to 3,000 BP. Also, your Battle Pass will be active in WOTM so don’t shy away from completing daily challenges as you guide your Mo’rokai into battle.

Along with WOTM, Battle Pass owners will also find an Immortal Treasure II in their armory. The set features brand new items for Dazzle, Grimstoke, Luna, Pugna, Timbersaw, and Warlock.

Increasing your Battle Level earns you more Immortal Treasure II. The more of these treasures you open, the better your odds of getting rarer items, such as a demonic mane for Lion or a celestial mantle for Ember Spirit.

Valve will extend Battle Pass features for two weeks after The International Grand Finals, giving players more Mo’rokai action to look forward to.

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