Good news, The International 2019 Battle Pass owners! The rewards you have have been waiting for are now finally available.

The new “Majesty of the Colossus” prestige item for Tiny gives the rocky hero new models for his base appearance, including all three levels of his growth from his ultimate, as well as custom animations and effects for two of his other abilities, “Avalanche” and “Tree Grab”.

Tiny’s prestige item is only available for Battle Pass owners who have reached Battle Level 255, and will remain unlockable at that tier until the end of the duration of the TI9 Battle Pass. It also won’t be tradable or purchasable on the Steam Marketplace, so you will need to get the Battle Pass if you want it.

Meanwhile, the Reptilian Refuge custom creeps give the default creeps an all-new reptilian look, with the Radiant getting chameleon-looking creeps while the Dire will field crocodile-like creatures. These custom creep models are available at Battle Level 182.

Tiny’s prestige item is the last full hero cosmetic item to be released for the TI9 Battle Pass, with the “Acolyte of the Lost Arts” hero persona for Invoker, “Axe Unleashed” bareknuckle set for Axe, and the “Planetfall Arcana” for Earthshaker released earlier.

We will most likely see Tiny’s prestige item, along with the new custom creeps, in action at TI9, with the Group Stage beginning on August 14 and the Main Event kicking off on August 20.

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