Dota 2’s 7.34c is yet another adjustment patch — focusing on evening out the power level of heroes — dropped over the weekend.

57 heroes received some sort of change, though most of them were relatively minor. The two that stood out were Nature’s Prophet and Gyrocopter, who were terrorizing the meta and best-in-class in their roles.

Aside from Solar Crest — which received a minor movement speed nerf — only neutral items were touched, including two of the more powerful tier one items in Occult Bracelet and Spark of Courage.

Nature’s Prophet and Gyrocopter tumble down in Dota 2 patch 7.34c

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Credit: Valve

Prophet’s base agility received a big downgrade, from 20 to 14. That’s quite a big nerf to the hero’s laning stage — one of the most oppressive parts of the hero — making him squishier to physical damage, and attack slower. Sprout also now, at least, gives healing when consumed with a Tango, which should help slot-starved supports not buy a Quelling Blade — at least until later in the game.

Gyrocopter received an agility gain decrease, nerfs, to his Flak Cannon cooldown, as well as reductions targeting his Flak talents. These included switching around the additional Flak Cannon attacks to a later level, reducing the spell’s damage, as well as lowering the cooldown reduction. All these nerfs should combine to make the hero farm slower through the early and mid-game, and will negatively impact his late-game damage output as well.

Other notable nerfs to heroes include Invoker, Vengeful Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Dawnbreaker — all of whom have dominated pro and pub play over the past few weeks.

You can read the full 7.34c patch notes here.

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