Updated on September 8, 11:23 a.m. (GMT+8): The 10 year anniversary event has been extended to September 18

For the Dota 2 10 year anniversary, fans of the game will celebrate the best way we know how — by winning matches and claiming free items.

Instead of an exclusive Battle Pass — tradition since The International 3 — Valve is putting up some rare cosmetics in commemoration of past years of Dota 2.

Dota 2 might have been around since 2011 — when it debuted at Gamescom 2011 with the very first The International, which kickstarted pro Dota 2 and Natus Vincere’s dominant era.

Since then, teams, players, and fans have came and gone. After Dota 2 technically came out of beta in 2013, this year marks the official 10th year of a game we’ve all spent way too much time in.

Celebrate with items earmarking Dota’s milestones — including controversial cosmetics, the Dragon’s Blood anime, and more

Mirana dawing her bow in Dota: Dragon's Blood
Credit: Netflix

To celebrate, Valve is dropping a commemorative treasure, one for each year of Dota — celebrating each individual year.

These include refreshed looks on some of the most iconic cosmetics through 13 years of Dota, including the Alpine Stalker set for Ursa and Bindings of Deep Magma for Earthshaker.

Also, there was the monumental release of heroes like Void Spirit, symbolized by the Hidden Vector set, a recent Immortal from 2021. The release of the Dota anime series, DOTA Dragon’s Blood, wasn’t forgotten, and players can claim a Mirana Persona bundle as well.

How to get Dota 2 10 year anniversary items

None of these treasures require any monetary investment, but they do call for a bit of your time — win a Dota 2 match, and get one chest to unlock one of the 13 items.

These treasures can be claimed until Monday, September 18.

If you don’t have access to your Dota 2 client right now, here’s a list of the items helpfully compiled by user ADudeCalledBob.

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