Before even getting in the weeds of Dota 2 patch 7.32e, siege creeps and buildings alike will be taking less assault from summons.

All player-controlled units — such as Nature’s Prophet’s Treants, Enigma’s Eidolons, and Helm of the Dominator — will deal 10 percent less damage to reinforced units.

Glyph towers will also now cause them to hit five units instead of four.

Zoo strats won’t be gone in 7.32e — but you get more time against them

Dota 2, Broodmother
Credit: Valve

The zoo has been a prevalent part of the meta for years now, often associated with snowball and push strategies.

This update also comes after a patch where Broodmother and Nature’s Prophet dominated the pro scene, warping the game in a way that punishes enemy teams for not dealing with their summons.

Still, aside from hero nerfs, these summons are still powerful in the lane and for farming. It’s still possible for this sort of heroes to take over the map, and even kill squishy heroes that do not have crowd control or escape skills.

You’ll get more time against them to build up crucial items that help against these heroes. A 10 percent damage reduction might sound small, but that could be minutes you can take advantage of. But if your line-up has a dearth of counters, expect to still get rolled over.

You can read the full 7.32e patch notes here.

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