In the latest update to Dota 2 — which introduced the newest hero, Mars the God of War, to the game — Drow Ranger was given a remodeling that has admittedly been long overdue.

The remodeled Drow Ranger now sports more stylistic and detailed weapons and armor, a sharper looking character model, as well as a more imposing default stance compared to her previous model.

Drow Ranger was one of the first Dota heroes to be ported to Dota 2, and was even featured in the game’s trailer back in 2011. While the hero has received a number of small visual updates since her first appearance in the game, Drow Ranger has long been one of the heroes that paled in comparison to the newer ones in terms of appearance.

While this visual update may seem small in comparison to the addition of a new hero, it shows that Dota 2 developer Valve Corporation is devoted to not only adding new things to the game, but also to updating its already existing content.