Dawnbreaker is Dota 2’s newest hero, and we’ve been playing her non-stop since she came out. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

First and foremost, it is best to play Dawnbreaker in the offlane. She is a very strong laner who can go up against the enemy team’s carry because of her base stats and sustainability being a Strength hero.

Early game items and ability build

In the laning phase, you’re going to want to get sustainability items like Tangos, Enchanted Mangoes, and Faerie Fires because these will allow you to put pressure on the enemy heroes.

For Dawnbreaker’s abilities, you’re going to want to focus on leveling her Celestial Hammer and Luminosity. Celestial Hammer is great for closing the distance and dealing quick damage against enemy heroes. Luminosity will help you pressure the enemy carry hero away from the creeps and heal your support in the lane.

Dawnbreaker is good against melee carry heroes, since closing the distance isn’t going to be that difficult. If you’re playing against ranged heroes in your lane, you’re going to wait for them to get out of position. 

Make sure to purchase an Orb of Venom to make it difficult for them to get away from you. You’re going to want them to use up all their abilities and consumable items early, so you can take control of the lane.

Your next item to purchase should be Phase Boots, because you’re always going to be chasing after the enemy team. You can then look into what your team needs from you when deciding on your next item. During team fights, Dawnbreaker is only useful when she’s directly on the enemy team.

Mid-game items to go for

Ideally, you’re going to want to pick up a Sange which you can upgrade to a Heaven’s Halberd which will help disable the enemy carry hero. Or, you could complete a Sange and Yasha to help apply even more forward pressure on the enemy team.

You could also build an Echo Sabre to get the most out of your Luminosity ability. Landing more attacks will heal your nearby teammates and deal critical damage to your targets.

You’ll definitely need a Black King Bar at around the 15 to 20-minute mark, because Dawnbreaker’s abilities are so easy to stop, especially her Starbreaker ability. Even her Solar Guardian ultimate is a channeling ability that can be interrupted by the enemy team if they catch you casting it.

Getting a Blink Dagger, later on, is also a viable option to go for quick kills. You can blink to your target during a clash, and activate your BKB right before you cast Starbreaker.

Should you add Dawnbreaker to your hero pool?

Dawnbreaker is still really new. For now, she is difficult to play and is easily countered by enemy support heroes who can just wait until Dawnbreaker makes her move. You also can’t play Dawnbreaker passively because, as the team’s offlaner, you’re supposed to be at the front lines.

Dawnbreaker does, however, have her uses. She’s great in the laning phase which can help your team snowball into an early lead. Her Celestial Hammer can be used for zoning and even flash farming lane and neutral creeps. And, the enemy team will always have to be mindful of her global ultimate, which sends her straight to her allies.

If you’re going to play Dawnbreaker, it would be better if you picked support heroes that work well with her. A good lane partner for her is Bounty Hunter because of his ability set. He can set up early kills for her by using his Jinada to slow an enemy hero down. Dawnbreaker can also just cast her ultimate on Bounty Hunter, while he’s invisible and behind enemy lines.

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