The meme-filled, nonsensical Bot TI is returning for a second run.

Esports production company Beyond the Summit (BTS) has announced that the AI-only offline tournament will begin on July 8, starting with a round featuring all 117 heroes, before halving the hero pool. The second round will take place on August 1-2, with the grand finals happening on August 3-4, just weeks before The International 2019.

All matches will be in a 5v5 format featuring copies of the same heroes in battle. The bracket have been determined based on pub hero win rates from Dota 2 stat site Dotabuff.

Bot TI was created to serve as a funny, no-budget filler event after the last Dota Pro Circuit major and before the The International.

“We asked ourselves: ‘What is the easiest way to fill the time between the last DPC event and TI without involving any pro players and having a $0 prize pool?’ This meme event is the result. Then we decided to do it again because people liked it last time,” stated BTS in a Reddit post announcing the event.

Enigma and Elder Titan, the top two heroes last Bot TI 2018, were also featured in the announcement trailer for Bot TI2. Fans who want to catch the crazy AI-smashing sessions can watch tune in to Beyond the Summit’s Twitch channel.

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