The eZONe Cyber Space Hotel, a new hotel built specifically with esports and gaming enthusiasts in mind, has opened in Osaka, Japan. Due to COVID-19, however, the hotel is only accommodating a limited number of guests.

Here’s a look at its facade. At first glance, the building already emits a modern aura that invites all gamers, professional players, and enthusiasts to come and visit.

Ezone facade
Credit: esports hotel e-zone

e-ZONe’s first three floors are designed for use as a high-volume esports gaming arena. Each level is filled with high-spec PC gaming rigs, each built and designed for professional-grade gaming.

The first floor can also serve as a hall for major events and tournaments. Players can take a break on the third floor where the community space and vending machines are located.

Ezone highspecfloor
Credit: esports hotel e-zone

The fourth to sixth floors are capsule-type sleepers designed to be used by male customers. The eighth floor area is restricted to female users.

Ezone capsulehotel
Credit: esports hotel e-zone

It’s all about privacy and comfort on the seventh floor rooms, where each space is fully equipped with a gaming PC. Two room setups are available — one for professional esports athletes and another for casual gamers.

Ezone gamingsetup
Credit: esports hotel e-zone

Esports hotel e-ZONe is located at Nipponbashi in Osaka, Japan. The most affordable accommodations go for as low as US$9 (JP¥1000) while the most exclusive rooms can fetch up to US$75 (JP¥8000) per night.

Ezone hotelaccomodation
Credit: esports hotel e-zone

As a COVID-19 precaution, visitors with a cough or fever are currently not allowed to enter the hotel premises.

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