It looks like actress Brie Larson really loves all things Nintendo. The Captain Marvel star and Animal Crossing super fan confirmed in a recent virtual interview that she “would love” to star in a movie adaptation of Nintendo’s beloved sci-fi title, Metroid.

Appearing as a guest on the virtual talk show Animal Talking, Larson addressed why host Gary Whitta there is so much clamor among fans for the actress to portray Samus Aran.

“So, I was Samus for Halloween two years ago,” Larson clarified. “It was literally a $20 costume I bought off of Amazon, it was like nothing. I was so excited about it, and so I posted a picture of it on Instagram of me and the costume and it turned into this thing of people being like ‘woah!’”

Larson added that Samus is her favorite character to play in Super Smash Bros. So when fans reacted so positively to her otherwise unassuming Halloween dress-up, she went along with the hype. 

Apparently she still does to this day.

“I’ve definitely not put a squash to that story and I definitely want to make that movie,” she affirmed. “I definitely want to participate in that. So, Nintendo, once again, I would love to do it!”

That’s a lot of definitelys, Nintendo. The ball’s in your court now.

There were talks of having Metroid adapted into a feature length film as early as 2004, with renowned action movie director John Woo having been tied to the project. But this clearly fizzled out.

There could be some new hype for a movie adaptation to ride on though. Metroid Prime 4 is confirmed to still be in the works for the Nintendo Switch. After being teased in 2017, the project was rebooted last year, behind a new studio and some high-profile developers. An official release date has yet to be revealed.

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