As Valentine’s Day approaches, you might be on the lookout for enjoyable and meaningful activities to strengthen bonds with your partner or friends.

Fret not, as we’ve compiled a selection of the best Valentine’s Day games for adults, guaranteed to inject romance and excitement into the occasion.

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From light-hearted challenges and romantic quizzes to flirtatious dares and intimate explorations, these captivating and entertaining games are designed to make this hearts day one to remember.

Looking to spark the flames? Here are the 7 best Valentine’s Day games for adults

Red FlagsUS$25
The Ultimate Game For CouplesUS$24.99
Truth or DareUS$8.48
Bold Card GameUS$21.50
Mad Libs After DarkUS$10.99
Valentine’s Day BingoUS$9.99
Couples JengaUS$26.99

Red Flags

Red Flags game for Valentine's Day from Amazon
Credit: Jack Dire Studios Store

Valentine’s Day takes a hilarious turn with Red Flags, the card game where setting up your friend on the best date possible is the name of the game.

In this game, players take on the role of matchmakers, each armed with a set of positive qualities represented by white cards. However, hidden among these desirable traits are “red flags,” represented by red cards, which are quirky or downright undesirable characteristics.

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The challenge is to present the most appealing potential date to the “single” player, while strategically sabotaging the offerings of opponents with red flags.

With laughter and sabotage in equal measure, Red Flags is the perfect party game for singles and couples alike, reminding everyone that sometimes, the worst dates make the best stories.

The Ultimate Game for Couples

The Ultimate Game For Couples for Valentine's Day from Amazon
Credit: The Ultimate Game For Couples

Unleash the spark and unlock deeper connections with The Ultimate Game for Couples, which you can play with your partner or against other pairs.

This captivating card game goes beyond a simple date night, offering a vibrant blend of playful challenges, thought-provoking questions, and intimate moments to rediscover the magic you share.

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Dive into “Guess Cards” revealing surprising secrets about each other, or embark on daring “Challenge Cards” that draw laughter and build intimacy.

Whether you’re seasoned sweethearts or newly ignited, The Ultimate Game for Couples promises an unforgettable journey of rediscovery, laughter, and love.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare for Valentine's Day from Amazon
Credit: Chronicle Books Store

Truth or Dare for couples is a thrilling and intimate twist on the classic party game, made specifically for partners looking to spice up their relationship.

Whether played in the comfort of your home or on a romantic getaway, this game presents a platform for you to delve into deeper levels of communication and intimacy.

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With a mix of revealing truths and exciting dares, you have the opportunity to learn new things about each other while also exploring adventurous sides.

In this game, every turn is a chance to laugh together, learn more about each other, and ignite a passionate spark. Are you ready to turn up the heat and unlock a new level of connection?

Bold Card Game

Bold Card Game for Valentine's Day from Amazon
Credit: Bold. Store

Take any relationship to the next level with the Bold Card Game, a thought-provoking experience designed to encourage self-reflection, and empower you to step outside your comfort zones.

Each box contains 153 date night cards: 51 each for connection, reflection, and perception. Additionally, every card has two or more questions that will surely start meaningful conversations.

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With these conversation cards, you’ll get inspired to embrace your true selves, and break free from limitations.

Mad Libs After Dark

Mad Libs After Dark for Valentine's Day from Amazon
Credit: Mad Libs

Mad Libs After Dark is a playful twist on the classic word game, designed for couples and adult audiences seeking laughter and entertainment.

With its combination of suggestive prompts and unexpected word choices, this game encourages you to let loose your creativity in a romantic or hilarious way.

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Whether enjoyed on a cozy night with your partner or friends, this game guarantees uproarious laughter and memorable moments as you fill in the blanks with outrageous nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more.

What’s more, this sexy collection of two relationship-themed Adult Mad Libs titles comes in sleek hardcover casing, and with interior pages edged in red, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day Bingo

Valentine's Day Bingo from Amazon
Credit: Leezead

This Valentine’s Day, hearts will race with excitement over the Valentine’s Day Bingo.

Much like the classic game, you mark off squares on your bingo cards as familiar Valentine’s Day symbols, such as hearts, chocolates, lovebirds, and roses, are called out. With each call, anticipation builds as players strive to complete rows or patterns to win exciting prizes.

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This game provides a fun and interactive way for couples, friends, and even family members to come together and share in the joy of the holiday.

Valentine’s Day Bingo definitely adds a charming and entertaining element to any gathering, creating cherished memories and spreading love throughout the day.

Couples Jenga

Couples Jenga for Valentine's Day from Amazon
Credit: allonu

Ditch the flowers and chocolates, and get ready for some playful and potentially physical fun with Couples Jenga.

More than just stacking blocks, this game adds a spicy twist to the classic tower challenge. As you take turns removing blocks from the tower and carefully balancing them on top, you engage in a series of challenges and prompts printed on each block.

ADD TO CART: Couples Jenga

These prompts range from romantic gestures and heartfelt questions to playful dares and affectionate acts, turning every successful pull into a spark of connection.

Couples Jenga offers a unique opportunity for partners to bond, create lasting memories, and strengthen their relationship in a fun and lighthearted way.

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