Nintendo announced two new tabletop games in celebration of the 35th anniversary of their iconic video game character, Super Mario.

The first one is a Jenga: Super Mario Edition, which features blocks shaped and colored like the bricks we all know and love from the franchise. The game also includes four playable pieces — Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad.

Players can collect coins as they climb up the Jenga tower and outplay their opponents. Player actions are based on a spinner that determines the number of pieces to remove and stack, layers to climb, and coins to collect.

Meanwhile, the Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition showcases the evolution of Super Mario levels throughout the years, from its 2D pixel beginnings to the 3D refined graphics we know today. In addition, instead of the traditional house and hotel pieces, the special edition uses Princess Peach’s pink castles and Toad’s red houses. A yellow Question Block determines players’ moves, such as collecting coins or taking another turn.

Hasbro has actually released other Mario-themed Monopoly board games in the past like Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition featuring the franchise’s racing title and Monopoly Gamer, which incorporates special abilities and boss battles.

Both the Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition and Jenga: Super Mario will be available starting August 1.

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