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Months have passed since its release, but the League of Legends community is still riding the hype train on Netflix’s Arcane series, with no signs of slowing down.

A team of Filipino cosplayers and photographers had pulled off a big-scale Arcane group cosplay featuring the animated series’ protagonists and the main antagonist of the series in 2022.

Here’s a closer look at the group’s insanely perfect Arcane cosplay photoshoot.

Arcane group cosplay impresses the Filipino League of Legends community

The group cosplay featured the series’ father-daughter tandem, with Zack “Zackt” Tolosa as Silco and Roxanne Kho as Jinx.

The Filipino cosplay couple nailed down the look of their characters with a make-up style that paid homage to Fortiche Productions’ unique animation.

Roxanne Kho and Zackt are a real-life couple and have cosplayed other video game characters such as Genshin Impact’s Jean and Diluc.

The group cosplay also humored the cupcake fandom with Ju Garcia’s Caitlyn cosplay and Ber Reyes’ Vi cosplay. The two dazzled Arcane fans with their realistic prop weapons — Caitlyn’s rifle and Vi’s Hextech gauntlets.

Cholo Tolentino's Viktor cosplay from League of Legends Arcane
Credit: Erving Go

The sigma male grindset was on full display in Cholo Tolentino’s Viktor cosplay, where he perfectly captured the crippled scientist’s remorseful expressions.

Aside from the cosplayers’ costumes and props, the League of Legends photoshoot’s screen-accurate setting and impeccable lighting made this Arcane group cosplay all the more impressive.

Arcane group cosplay from League of Legends featuring Viktor, Silco, Jinx, Vi, and Caitlyn
Credit: Erving Go

Preparations for the shoot started when Season 1 premiered on Netflix in 2021, according to the team.

Viewers can catch Arcane on the streaming platform Netflix.

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