If you’re a fan of exhilarating power fantasy stories and crave captivating storylines, then the Solo Leveling novels are an absolute gem waiting to be discovered.

Written by Chugong, the story follows a world where monsters suddenly appear, and hunters—humans with supernatural abilities—are tasked with stopping them.

Solo Leveling, Vol. 1 (comic) on Amazon
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Sung Jin-woo, the world’s weakest hunter, gains a unique ability to level up through the mysterious System, becoming the first hunter to wield such a powerful ability.

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If that plot has captured your attention and you want to read the novel on top of the manhwa and anime, here’s a guide on where and how to read the Solo Leveling novels right now.

Where to read the Solo Leveling novels

Sung Jinwoo Solo Leveling
Credit: Crunchyroll

The original Korean version of the series concluded in 2018, spanning a total of 13 volumes along with one side story.

The English version of the series comprises 8 volumes, covering the complete story. The most recent English volume was released on July 18, 2023.

Solo Leveling characters: Meet all the hunters in the anime

You can read the full novel on the WebNovel app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can also buy the Kindle audio on Amazon.

Solo Leveling novels
Credit: REDICE Studio
GET YOURS TODAY: Solo Leveling Volumes 1-8 (Kindle Edition)

Alternatively, you can buy the volumes individually and in paperback versions from official stores.

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