Fans are in for a hot treat in Season 11 of real-time strategy mobile game Clash Royale, as a giant, golden dragon will be taking the spotlight in the arena.

The Dragon Spa features a fiery sauna situated in the middle of a resting female dragon. Players don’t have to be intimidated by her presence, as she just likes to get some good exfoliation while watching arena matches on the side.

Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

A few cards have been scaled up and down to adjust for the new season. The spell card Tornado is more powerful than before with a +100% pull strength and now has the ability to affect buildings. Earthquake also has an added +11% damage to troops, but has been nerfed with -25% when it comes to building damage.

Other buildings like the Goblin Hut, Furnace, and Barbarian Hut now have reduced hitpoints while the Goblin Cage’s Brawler has been buffed with +6% damage.

Here are the balance changes for some of our favorite troop cards:

  • Royal Delivery – +27% damage
  • Battle Healer – -10% hitpoints
  • Baby Dragon – -8% hitpoints
  • Magic Archer – range increased from 6 to 7 with hitpoints decreased to -10%
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A – melee range reduced Medium > Short

Full patch notes for Season 11 can be viewed here.

Supercell is also giving away a free emote to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary in the industry. The exclusive King emote can be unlocked by completing the first Reward Tier.

Credit: Supercell

Pass Royale subscribers will also be getting their golden tower skins, fully scaled for the princesses and a curled up dragon for the king.

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