With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 officially announced, one big question is looming over the next installment in the popular franchise as it relates to Modern Warfare 2.

Will MW2 skins transfer to MW3? That’s exactly what the recently announced Modern Warfare 3 Carry Forward system covers.

Will MW2 skins transfer to MW3 — the short answer is yes

Modern Warfare 3 operator MCW
Credit: Activision

To answer the question of will MW2 skins transfer to MW3, basically yes.

Nearly everything from Modern Warfare 2 will actually be a part of the Carry Forward initiative. This includes operators, operator skins, weapons, weapon skins, and more. There are some caveats, however.

While Activision confirmed that “weapons and cosmetic content” will be making the move over as part of Modern Warfare 3 Carry Forward, there are a few things that won’t be making the switch, along with a few details regarding how the system works.

From the official post:

  • A small amount of content may be unavailable if gameplay offerings are different in Modern Warfare III. For example, if MWIII doesn’t have the Tactical Amphibious Vehicle, or a specific piece of Tactical or Lethal Equipment in any game modes, any Skins you’ve unlocked for these items in MWII won’t be in MWIII. In addition, Wartracks (music) will not carry forward from MWII to MWIII.
  • This blog does not reference the impressive amount of planned MWIII-specific weapons and cosmetic content; this simply explains the MWII content available in MWIII.
  • There will be no “Carry Back” (from MWIII to MWII).

It’s also important to note that this also applies to cosmetics and weapons obtained through Warzone as well.

Do operators and operators’ skins transfer to MW3?

Yes, operators and operator skins will transfer as part of Modern Warfare 3 Carry Forward.

“All unlocked Operators and Operator Skins will carry forward into Modern Warfare III. This essentially means that every Operator an MWII player has unlocked, obtained via challenge, or purchased (including the PlayStation® Exclusive Oni Operator), will be available in MWIII. For MWIII players who do not own MWII, MWII Base Operators will not be available.”

If that doesn’t directly answer your questions, they go into very specific examples in the official post.

Modern Warfare 2 operator skin to transfer to Modern Warfare 3
Credit: Activision

Do all weapons and blueprints transfer to MW3?

Yep, Modern Warfare 3 Carry Forward includes all of that.

According to Activision Blizzard, “All Modern Warfare II weapons will be available for Modern Warfare III players, although each weapon’s associated unlock challenge must be completed before it becomes accessible in MWIII. Any Blueprints also carry forward, and certain MWII Blueprints available via Store Bundles will also be available to purchase in MWIII.”

If you’re worried you’ll be unable to get weapons from MW2 if you never played it, don’t be.

Activision has stated that “If you haven’t played MWII and pick up MWIII, the full complement of MWII weapons will be available, but only after the associated weapon challenges in MWIII are completed.”

Modern Warfare 3 Carry Forward cosmetics
Credit: Activision Blizzard

Does Modern Warfare 3 Carry Forward include other cosmetics?

Yes and no.

All weapon charms, stickers, emblems, and loading screens will transfer.

When it comes to vehicles, they will only transfer if that skin is for a vehicle that is also included in MW3, and there are some that won’t be.

Wartracks won’t be in the game, and therefore no related cosmetics.

Outside of that, this is the only other caveat they gave: “Some Tactical and Lethal equipment may not be available depending on the removing of those items in MWIII, to be replaced with MWIII-only equipment.”

That should cover most of the important stuff when it comes to the Modern Warfare 3 Carry Forward system. If you have any additional questions, again, we recommend reading the official blog post, which features very specific examples.

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