One of the current struggles facing DMZ fans is where to find the Golden Skulls. The Golden Skull is a rare item that players are unable to craft themselves. Therefore, exploring the maps in the hopes of finding one is a task in itself.

There are some locations more prone to having them, however, and that’s what we’re covering in this article.

There are specific locations in Al Mazrah with a higher chance of having a Golden Skull

The Sawah Hotel is a prime location for the Golden Skull in DMZ
Credit: Activision Blizzard

It’s important to note that they can appear just about anywhere. With that in mind, know that beyond the specific locations we’re going to share, there’s an off chance that you’ll stumble across one in a location we didn’t provide.

Sawah Hotel

It’s well known at this point that the Sawah Hotel has a prime drop chance when it comes to the rare item. Specifically, you’ll want to venture to rooms 302 and 303, as this seems to be where the skulls are found.

Before you make that trek, however, make sure you have a skeleton key as you’ll need one to open the doors and gain access to the loot they have to offer.

Police Stations

Next up are the Police Stations. There are a total of three of them across Al Mazrah, and they each have a higher chance of having a spawn of the highly sought-after item.

Unlike the Sawah Hotel, you won’t need a key to gain access to these, however, they are typically protected by armored guards. If you want to grab one of these, you’ll need to prepare for a fight.


Another way to gather up some Golden Skulls is via taking down some of the toughest AI. Defeating bosses have a higher chance of dropping these hard-to-find items.

This includes folks like The Scavenger, Pyro, and Bombmaker.


And the final place with a higher chance of having the rare item is safes. Safes are placed throughout the map but have a solid chance of having a Gold Skull inside.

So if you come across one, make sure you crack it open and see if you’re lucky enough to find one.

There you have it, there are three ways to have a higher chance of acquiring one. But again, there’s always a chance you’ll find one just about anywhere so don’t be shocked if you stumble upon one! Just be happy.

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