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With the incoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, fans are seeing the introduction of the Tactical Stance mechanic.

The game is set to launch on November 10 and while fans are excited about all the things it’s bringing back, they’re also intrigued by what it’s adding. So let’s talk about MW3 Tactical Stance.

MW3 Tactical Stance is a brand new mechanic to play with

Modern Warfare 3 Soap operator
Credit: Activision

The new close-quarters mechanic, Tactical Stance, is a bit of an in-between of aim-down-sight and hipfire. This means you can gain some of the benefits, without fully committing and getting the drawbacks.

While players are in the aim-down-sights position, they can go in and out of Tactical Stance. Doing so will move their weapon away from the typical aim-down-sight shoulder position, but not fully out like it is otherwise.

This will result in gaining back some of the movement and handling you lose while in aim-down-sight mode, but also takes away from the accuracy you get from aiming-down-sight.

This will allow players to still do all the normal types of combat, but also more fluidly swap between to fit the situation they’re in. If you’re being very mobile, this will allow you some of the benefits of slowing down, while not completely hindering your mobility.

The upcoming open beta will give us a first real look at how the MW3 Tactical Stance will truly impact gameplay. If you want a look at the current gameplay, here’s the official trailer.

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