Join the fight in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile‘s Day Zero limited-time launch event to earn exclusive rewards for yourself and the community.

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In this article, we will be explaining everything you need to know about the Warzone Mobile Day Zero event and how to earn rewards.

Everything you need to know about Warzone Mobile Day Zero

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Starting March 22nd, the day following the global release of Warzone Mobile, participants will have the opportunity to engage in multiple activities within contested areas.

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By completing specific Event Actions in the contested zones, players will earn Event Points (EP). Accumulate points to earn individual awards such as skins and blueprints.

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Additionally, All EP earned by the community is collectively calculated towards community rewards.

How to earn Event Points?

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Event Points can be earned by executing specific Event Actions within a contested zone in any game mode. The quantity of EP awarded is determined by the type of action action completed.

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Here is a list of some of the Event Actions that reward Event Points:

  • Opening a Supply Box or Day Zero Supply Drop
  • Eliminating an enemy player
  • Eliminating an enemy player in Multiplayer during warm up
  • Completing a Contract
  • Using a Killstreak
  • Landing a headshot
  • Purchasing items from Buy Stations
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Look out for Day Zero Supply Drops as you navigate your way through active contested zones as they offer better loot, cash, XP, and EP as compared to a normal Supply Box.

Finding these special Supply Boxes is a great way to help you earn Event Points faster.

How will Day Zero zones work?

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At the start of the event, the first of a total of six zones will activate, allowing players to jump in and complete Event Actions.

Over time, subsequent zones will activate as the community EP milestones are met.

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Individual and community rewards

Individual rewards are given based on the total number of Event Points you specifically contribute to the greater community.

Community rewards are given based on each zone cleared.

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List of individual rewards:

  • “Crimson Blaze” Emblem
  • “Nightmare Rift” Calling Card
  • “Forsaken Past” Emblem
  • “Tearing Me Apart” Sticker
  • “Demon’s Claw” Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint
  • “Last Word” Charm
  • “Hell Scrapper” LTV Vehicle Skin
  • “Nightmare Inferno” Large Decal
  • “Crimson Prince” X12 Weapon Blueprint
  • “Vengeful Devil King” Large Decal
  • “Raging Blaze” M4 Weapon Blueprint
  • “Bloody Reaper” Ghost Operator

List of community rewards:

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  • Gilded Devil King” Large Decal: Clear Zone 1
  • “Scorched Beginnings” Animated Calling Card: Clear Zone 2
  • “Golden Blaze” Emblem: Clear Zone 3
  • “Golden Flame” X12 Weapon Blueprint: Clear Zone 4
  • “Heavy Thunder” M4 Weapon Blueprint: Clear Zone 5
  • “Golden Phantom” Ghost Operator Skin: Clear Zone 6
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