Warzone Mobile brings in a lot of fresh content for Call of Duty players, including the Arsenal Coins.

Here’s everything you need to know about this particular feature in the game.

Arsenal Coins in Warzone Mobile explained

Arsenal Store and Arsenal Coins in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile
Credit: Activision

With numerous weapons and equipment at your disposal, customizing your loadout is key to dominating the battlefield in Warzone Mobile. This is where Arsenal Coins come into play.

Arsenal Coins are the in-game currency specifically used in Warzone Mobile’s Arsenal Store. This functions as a one-stop shop for players to unlock various weapons, gears, killstreaks, and equipment.

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Moreover, the exclusive store features a total of 77 weapons from Modern Warfare 2, and 46 weapons and 25 aftermarket parts from Modern Warfare 3.

Are there cross-platform play and cross-progression in Warzone Mobile?

Since Warzone Mobile has shared progression with Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, any items you acquire in the Arsenal Store will be accessible across your accounts on PC or console, provided they exist in those versions.

Additionally, you must have only one Activision account across all platforms.

How to get Arsenal Coins

You can earn these coins by leveling up, completing daily challenges, and participating in events.

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The total number of coins you’ve acquired is shown in the upper-right corner of the Arsenal Store menu.

Do note that these are exclusive to Warzone Mobile, and cannot be used in other CoD titles.

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Furthermore, if you’re looking to save coins, you can unlock a base weapon in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone that is also accessible in Warzone Mobile.

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