Call of Duty: Warzone kicks it back to the golden years of action films with its newest Season Three Reloaded update, 80s Action Heroes.

The 80s Action Heroes event will have limited-time bundles, game modes, and map changes that pay respects to the film franchises of Die Hard and Rambo.

80s Action Heroes John McClane and Rambo are now in Warzone

The best addition by far, action icons John McClane and Rambo now enter Warzone as brand-new operators for players to enjoy.

With each character having its own purchasable operator bundle, you can expect to look like an 80s action star with unique finishing moves and three legendary weapon blueprints.

The Rambo bundle comes with an assault rifle, LMG, and knife blueprint while Die Hard’s John McClane has a tactical rifle, SMG, and assault rifle blueprint.

Movie-inspired locations in Verdansk ’84

Aside from the 80s Action Heroes crashing the Warzone party, players can expect new points of interest popping up in Verdansk ’84.

If you ever find yourself hustling through Downtown, keep an eye out for Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard. It’s currently the tallest single structure seen in Warzone and includes five floors of space for you to crawl around like John McClane.

While Hans Gruber and his goons weren’t able to do it, you can try your luck in cracking the Nakatomi Plaza vault for a big payday, but keep in mind that the rest of Verdansk is definitely looking for the keys.

As for the Rambo side of things, ten survival camps have sprung up around Verdansk, filled with quick items and dog tags of your fallen comrades.

Rumor has it that if you collect enough of them and deposit it at the new CIA outpost in Verdansk Northwest, you could earn yourself some air reinforcements.

New weapons with 80s Action Heroes

To become war, players can now equip Rambo’s signature Combat Bow as a silent way to deal some explosive damage. As a killstreak, you can drop by the nearest Buy Station to purchase the long-range armament.

While it’s already made its rounds in Black Ops Cold War, Ballistic Knives are now available in Warzone.

If you’re not familiar with it yet, the Ballistic Knife is known for its versatility as a melee weapon and a projectile blade from afar.

Experience non-stop action with the new Power Grab game mode

Warzone also picks up a new limited-time mode in Power Grab, a thrilling mix of the usual battle royale and Kill Confirmed.

The limited-time mode has players dropping into a smaller circle for some hotter drops and quicker eliminations. The even bigger twist? No more Gulag.

You and your squad can only revive each other via the Buy Station or the collection of Dog Tags from eliminated operators, completing contracts, and in supply boxes.

Players can check their Dog Tag progress on the right side of their HUD. The rewards will range from UAV, a Respawn Token, gas masks, and some specialist bonuses.

Power Grab mode of Call of Duty: Warzone
Credit: Activision

Warzone’s 80s Action Heroes is now live until June 19 at 12 noon (GMT+8).

For more information, you can check out the official 80s Action Heroes Warzone blogpost.

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