The release of Season 3 Reloaded in MW3 and Warzone brings the Vortex Virus Mainframe event. The event has introduced a fresh wave of challenges and cosmetic goodies.

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The Vortex Virus Mainframe event provides a great platform for players to take on new challenges and earn free rewards. In this guide, we will list down all the challenges and free rewards you can get from the event.

MW3 and Warzone Vortex Virus Mainframe event — Challenges and free rewards

Vortex Virus Mainframe event rewards -- Binary Morality camo
Credit: Tridzo YouTube Channel

The MW3 and Warzone Vortex Virus Mainframe event will be two weeks long. This time the event provides a lot more challenges and rewards. Here is a list:

LoadoutWeapon Sticker9,500
Double Weapon XP TokenConsumable21,500
Point and ClickLarge Decal36,550
Double Battle Pass XP TokenConsumable55,600
Pop-Up, Pop-OffEmblem79,500
Going ViralLarge Decal109,700
Got HackedCalling Card147,700
Tier SkipBattle Pass195,600
Block FlyCharm255,950
Sneakin’ InWeapon Sticker332,000
Error CodeCalling Card427,800
Binary MoralityCamo548,500

How to earn the free rewards

MW3 double XP weekend
Credit: Tridzo YouTube Channel

Fortunately, the Vortex Virus Mainframe event is very accessible. You don’t need to complete specific tasks or dominate leaderboards.

Simply by participating in matches across MW3, MW3 Zombies, or Warzone, you’ll rack up XP and unlock the rewards progressively.

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Here are a few tips you can use to get free rewards faster in the Vortex Virus Mainframe event:

  • Double XP Weekends: Keep an eye out for Double XP weekends to accelerate your progress.
  • Playlist Selection: Consider game modes that suit your playstyle and allow you to rack up more XP quickly.
  • Utilize Bonuses: If available, equip any event-specific XP bonus items to further speed up your gains.

That concludes our guide on all challenges and free rewards in MW3 and Warzone the Vortex Virus Mainframe event.

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