Shotguns have always been pretty controversial weapons in Call of Duty thanks to their brute force power and time-to-kill in many situations.

In Modern Warfare 2, this has been no different with plenty of shotguns making it into the meta such as the Bryson 800 and Lockwood 300 with their custom blueprints making them incredibly strong. Now there’s the Super Shotgun blueprint for the Lockwood 300, and it’s insane.

In this article, we’ll be telling you how to get Super Shotgun in both versions of the game.

How to get Super Shotgun easily to dominate the lobby

The Lockwood 300 turns into the Super Shotgun
Credit: Activision

This new weapon blueprint includes a reactive effect that will have your weapon visually become more intense the more your kill count goes up, making it very fun to use.

You can check out what the popular weapon from the popular DOOM franchise looks in action in this video from Evlis COD here.

In order to get your hands on the Super Shotgun blueprint for the Lockwood 300, you’ll need to get the DOOM Tracer bundle.

This new bundle launched on October 10 with plenty of goodies for purchase. Those interested can grab it from the Call of Duty in-game store for 1,800 CoD Points.

Below you can find everything available in the DOOM Tracer bundle:

  • Super Shotgun (Lockwood 300)
  • Chainsaw (Pickaxe)
  • DOOM GUY Gun Screen
  • DOOM Weapon Charm
  • Cacodemon Weapon Sticker
  • Slayer Weapon Sticker
  • DOOM Loading Screen
  • Gibs emblem
  • Healthy Mug Emblem
  • Lost Soul Emblem
  • POV Emblem

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