The Forgotten Keycard is one of the three hidden keycards on Rebirth Island in Warzone Season 3 that grants access to valuable loot.

In this comprehensive ONE Esports guide, we help you find this Easter egg on Rebirth Island, and provide you with detailed instructions on how to use it.

Here’s where to find the Forgetten Keycard on Rebirth Island

Finding the Forgotten Keycard at Bioweapons in Warzone Rebirth Island
Screenshot by Jeremiah Sevilla/ONE Esports

The Forgotten Keycard consistently spawns in the Bioweapons point of interest, located at the northern tip of the island.

To find the keycard, navigate to the basement of the building, easily accessible via the staircase in the open garage.

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Upon entering the basement, locate the shower and activate it by interacting with the lever beneath.

Shortly after activation, the shower will begin dispensing bundles of cash alongside the keycard.

How to use the Forgotten Keycard

Using the Forgotten Keycard at Stronghold in Warzone Rebirth Island
Screenshot by Jeremiah Sevilla/ONE Esports

After acquiring the keycard, your next destination is the Satellite Tower situated within the Stronghold point of interest.

As the Stronghold is positioned at the opposite end of the island, it’s highly advisable to use a helicopter for swift transportation.

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Upon arrival at the Stronghold, head over to the lowest level of the Satellite Tower, where you’ll encounter three vaults, each requiring a specific keycard for access. The Forgotten Keycard is designated to the vault on the right side.

The vault contains different perk packages, a Munitions Box, and notably, a loadout drop marker, which you can use to obtain customized weapon loadouts.

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