Modern Warfare 3 gets an explosive addition with the introduction of the DNA Bomb killstreak in Season 4.

This joins the ranks alongside other fresh features like weapons, perks, and equipment, promising to change how players dominate the battlefield.

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In this ONE Esports guide, we explain the effect of this new killstreak, and how to get it so you maximize its potential in the game.

DNA Bomb in Modern Warfare 3 explained

The DNA Bomb is a high-tier killstreak reward for those skilled enough to rack up consecutive eliminations without dying.

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Once earned, players can detonate the bomb, unleashing a massive green gas explosion that wipes out the entire enemy team.

However, unlike the MGB nuke, it does not instantly end the match, allowing for a strategic shift in momentum.

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Imagine clearing a heavily fortified enemy position or completely turning the tide of a close game with a single detonation.

The element of surprise and the psychological impact of knowing one bomb can turn the tide adds a whole new layer to the strategic landscape of MW3 Multiplayer.

How to get DNA Bomb in MW3

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The exact number of kills or score needed to activate this killstreak remains unconfirmed.

Considering its game-changing impact, we anticipate that it might necessitate only slightly fewer kills than the match-ending MGB’s 30 kills.

Equipping the new perks, Mission Control Vest and Compression Plate, can accelerate your killstreak accumulation and enhance your survivability, thereby boosting your chances of securing a DNA Bomb.

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