With its continued growth, the Call of Duty League (CDL) has shared that they will make several changes to their team agreements, aimed at fostering sustained excellence in competitive gaming.

Daniel Tsay, the General Manager of CDL, said in a community update that the past season saw the highest number in both event attendance and viewership in leagues history.

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“We are redoubling efforts on the business side to ensure the success and longevity of competitive Call of Duty,” he stated.

Here are the four key points in the community update released on April 16, 2024.

CDL team agreement updates

CDL Major 2 Winner
Credit: Call of Duty League

Elimination of entry fees

All existing entry fees for teams have been removed, and any fees previously collected will be fully refunded to the teams.

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Increased revenue of in-game merchandise for teams

To further support the teams, they will now receive a higher percentage of revenue from all in-game merchandise, including team bundles and championship bundles.

Increased subsidy for live in-person events

Toronto Utlra's Jamie "Insight" Craven during a game in the CDL 2024 Major 1
Credit: Call of Duty League

The organization is boosting its subsidy support for teams hosting live events such as Majors, Opens, and Championships, helping to alleviate the costs associated with organizing these events.

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Two-year guarantee of revenue

Teams will benefit from a two-year revenue guarantee, ensuring they have stable financial support while competing in the league.

These four initiatives demonstrate CDL’s commitment to fostering the growth of the CoD competitive scene and enhancing financial support for its teams, setting a greater precedent on mutual success between league organizers and participating squads.

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