With submachine guns dominating the Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 meta, TeamIND pro Jash “Learn” Shah spilled the details on his best Fennec loadout.

Learn and TeamIND recently won the CoD Mobile 2021 South Asia and Middle East Finals, locking themselves in as the region’s top seed for the CoD Mobile World Championship 2021.

Details of the TeamIND Learn’s best Fennec loadout in Call of Duty Mobile

The Fennec is a strong gun option that can spray through close to mid range skirmishes.

To extend the gun’s range without harming its main aspect of mobility, the TeamIND player slots in the Monolithic Suppressor alongside the MIP Light Barrel.

With an excellent fire rate, the Fennec can be a bit overwhelming to new SMG users. Learn tames the gun’s bullet spread and recoil by attaching the OWC Laser and the Ranger Foregrip.

As for his playstyle, Learn utilizes his best Fennec loadout for objective-based support. With its high mobility, he’s able to rotate faster than his teammates and confidently take fights when engaging enemies on a site.

Here are the details of the best Fennec loadout in Call of Duty Mobile:

MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor
BarrelMIP Light Barrel (Short)
LaserOWC Laser – Tactical
UnderbarrelRanger Foregrip
AmmunitionExtended Mag A

For more tips and tricks from Learn, check out his full Call of Duty Mobile guide down below:

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