After a heartbreaking loss to Vietnam’s AOG champions Saigon Phantom (SGP), Buriram United Esports (BRU) coach Chakapon “MistGunz” Pompranee shared his thoughts with ONE Esports.

BRU fell to a spirited SGP squad, which rallied from an 0-2 series deficit to clinch a 3-2 match victory. As a result, the Thai representatives fell to the lower bracket.

Coach MistGunz admitted that the team made several mistakes during the match. But despite the loss, he confirmed that the team’s mental condition remains healthy and that BRU has not yet succumbed to the tournament’s pressure.

“Overall, in our series against SGP, we played really well in the first game and the second game,” MistGunz explained. “The third and fourth games we fell too early in the game. In the fifth game, I admit that we missed several chances which gave SGP a chance to make a comeback. We had a chance to finish the game, but we managed to push too late, causing us to make a mistake.”

MistGunz also admitted that decisions within the team resulted in problems prior to closing the game. However, he is ready to address internal miscues like this.

“As a coach, I have to resolve decisions. We need to focus more on our goals,” he said. “In addition, our team already has a lot of people, more so when switching roles.”

MistGunz cited the need for adjustment, especially given the team’s tendency to swap roles.

“We needed to make an adjustment to make everyone think the same when playing for various roles. It took us some time, making it harder for an eight-man team to have the same mindset rather than just the standard five-man team, which forces us to commit mistakes sometimes.”

“As for the mental state of the players, all of them are good for now. We knew we lost because we committed mistakes, not because we couldn’t take a fight.”

BRU made a quick return to form after beating Hong Kong Attitude, 3-1, in the lower bracket. Before the series, MistGunz even predicted that they will beat HKA since they already have experience doing so in the semifinals of both the Arena of Valor Premier League (APL) 2020 and at last year’s AIC 2019.

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