Arena of Valor continues to be a popular mobile MOBA game around the globe. To celebrate its fifth anniversary, developers Tencent and Garena are rebranding the game to Arena of Valor 4.0.

Here is everything you need to know about the new Arena of Valor 4.0, including its release date, map changes, new ranking system, ban and pick phase, and more.

Arena of Valor Battlefield 4.0 release date

Arena of Valor 4.0 map
Credit: Garena

Tencent and Garena have not yet announced an official release date for Arena of Valor 4.0.

Arena of Valor was first released in Taiwan back on October 12, so players can expect the major update to drop around this time.

Arena of Valor 4.0 reworked map

Arena of Valor, AoV Map 4.0, Garena
Credit: Garena

An important part of the game is the map. With the release of Arena of Valor 4.0 Battlefield, many details have been reworked and changed in the game’s playing environment.

The most noticeable change in the Arena of Valor 4.0 Battlefield map is the day-night system which makes minions stronger at night. Players will also gain more experience and gold during nightfall.

“We hope to improve the late game experience through the changing of the environment,” said Arena of Valor Development Team representative Alfonso Gardeazabal.

A huge part of the AoV 4.0 visual rework also included the buildings, grounds, and rivers.

AoV 4.0’s reworked Abyssal Dragon and Dark Slayer

The appearance of the Abyssal Dragon and the Dark Slayer has been adjusted to make them look more active and appealing to players. These two are the most powerful neutral monsters in AoV.

The Dark Slayer will have a more ferocious and defined form with a pair of white horns and purple glowing eyes. This purple-black color scheme bears resemblance to the Storm Dragon from Honor of Kings, AoV’s Chinese predecessor.

Meanwhile, the Abyssal Dragon is getting a new paint job with a gold and white color palette. It also has a more distinct look than its old version with curved horns, a fresh set of wings, and what seems to be a floating orb on its back.

When players reach mid game or the 15-minute mark, the Abyssal Dragon will evolve into Holy Dragon while the Slayer will become Dark Slayer. Killing both monsters will grant teams new buffs.

The AoV 4.0 visual change is supposed to further emphasize the contrast between the light and dark forces in the game according to Gardeazabal.

Additionally, the Arena of Valor 4.0 Battlefield update will relocate the Spirit Sentinel (small dragon) on the map’s river along the Dark Slayer lane.

New changes to AoV 4.0’s user interface (UI)

Arena of Valor 4.0, Battlefield, UI
Credit: Garena

Upon its release, the AoV 4.0 will introduce a cleaner, simpler user interface (UI) and menu to all players. This update will declutter the current UI, making the game menu more lightweight and user-friendly.

The AoV 4.0 Battlefield update will release new features to balance gameplay

Arena of Valor, AoV, Battlefield
Credit: Garena

In the current Arena of Valor meta, junglers can just enter a lane and swoop in all the gold and experience from other players, causing an imbalance in shared resources.

This will change in the Arena of Valor 4.0 update. The new effect “Teamwork” will grant junglers only 40% gold and experience near their teammates. This effect will force players to be nicer to their squad.

Shutting down an enemy killing streak will also give players a small gold reward to give more chances to the losing team to make an epic comeback.

Arena of Valor 4.0 battlefield will debut a new rank

Arena of Valor, ranking system, new rank, Supreme Conqueror
Credit: Garena

The new Arena of Valor rank Supreme Conqueror will be available in the upcoming AoV 4.0 update. After collecting 50 stars in the Conqueror rank, players will be promoted to Supreme Conqueror in the AoV 4.0 update.

Prepare for a reworked ban and pick phase in Arena of Valor 4.0 Battlefield

Arena of Valor 4.0, battlefield, AoV 4.0, ban pick phase
Credit: Garena

The Battlefield update has also reworked the ban and pick phase. Players can now communicate their hero preferences, as well as ban a total of six different heroes on both sides.

The original system only allowed a total of four heroes to be banned in a ranked game.

Additionally, the number of Brave Point rewards has been increased three to five times to prevent star reduction in ranked games. This system rewards players with Brave Points, which accumulates to a star to rank up.

You can now queue with players of different ranks in AoV 4.0

Arena of Valor, ranked play, coop
Credit: Garena

In this system rework, players can create rooms and invite players of two different ranks in this update. For example, Diamond players can create a room and invite both high-ranked Conqueror players and low-ranked Gold players to come and queue up together.

Translated from an article on ONE Esports Thailand.

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