Apex Legends developer, Respawn Entertainment, is continuing its war against cheaters and spammers with a new matchmaking system that will make them play against each other.

Similar to the “Low Priority Queue” system used by Dota 2, League of Legends, and several other games, players who are caught cheating or spamming by the system will be separated from the standard player base and placed into games with other cheaters.

Take note that Respawn considers partying up with cheaters a form of cheating, even if you’re not cheating yourself, so be careful with who you play with.

Respawn Community Manager, Jay “Jayfresh” Frechette, also revealed in a Reddit post that Apex will be introducing improved hardware cheat detection that will auto-ban cheaters on new accounts before they’re even used.

“The war against cheaters will be ongoing and remains a high priority for us. There will always be work to do, improvements to make, and new things to adapt to,” said Jayfresh.

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