A number of leaks data mined from Apex Legends have spread online and they suggest that new playable characters — or legends — will be coming to the game soon.

Several of these leaks spread on Twitter at first, where screenshots of apparent leaks that have been data mined from Apex’s source code show a number of new legends and abilities.

Two of the possible future Legends found in the leaks seem to have the names “Octane” and “Wattson.”

The names of these legends were connected to their abilities, which data miners have also been able to dig up. Octane seems to have a “Stimpack” ability, while Wattson can set up a “Tesla Trap”.

Aside from Wattson and Octane, the names of other possible legends were also found, though their abilities have yet to be uncovered. While it’s difficult to confirm whether those names would actually end up being that of the new legends, these are the ones that popped up:

  • Crypto
  • Husaria
  • Jericho
  • Nomad
  • Prophet
  • Rampart
  • Rosie
  • Skunner

Additional evidence for the new legends has also been found in the form of player card names and was posted on the Apex Legends subreddit.

List of 8 new legends names from apexlegends

While there is no real way to reliably confirm the veracity of the leaks until an official announcement from Apex’s developers, they have made it clear that new content for the game is on its way. Given the unprecedented popularity of Apex Legends since its suprise release back in February 4, it makes sense that the developers would want to prolong that success with massive updates headlined by new legends.

But for now, players can only wait to see if these leaks would ever come to fruition.