After testing out Solo Mode in August with the Iron Crown update, Apex Legends is now looking to introduce a Duos Mode for Season 3.

Teasing the new game mode via Twitter, Apex Legends revealed that the new feature will arrive on November 5, while also hinting that it will only be available for a limited time.

In Duos, Apex Legends players can form two-man teams to challenge other duos. The dynamics for this gameplay will be different from the original squad-of-three and solo modes. It will maximize specific team-based abilities, making for high-intensity gunfights and high-level tactical planning.

While there is no timeline on when this mode will be removed from the game, most gamers are expecting the Duos mode to last for at least two weeks.

Watch out for more details on the upcoming Duos Mode on the Apex Legends news portal and the game’sTwitter page.

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