Respawn Entertainment launched a new limited-time event for Apex Legends today called The Iron Crown. The event introduces a new solo queue mode, as well as 24 new epic and legendary cosmetic items.

Credit: Respawn

Unfortunately, these items are only available through Iron Crown packs, which each cost 700 Apex coins (US$7). Each pack you open will have either an epic or legendary item and, fortunately, you will never get duplicates.

Credit: EA

You can get two Iron Crown packs for free by completing a pair of challenges: racking up 25,000 damage and knocking out 20 daily challenges.

This means that you need to buy 22 packs — a minimum of US$140 — to complete the set.

Collecting all 24 cosmetics will let you acquire the Raven’s Bite, a special heirloom melee weapon for Bloodhound. However, Respawn won’t just give you the Raven’s Bite, you’ll have to hand over another 700 Apex Coins (effectively US$35) to purchase it.

That means to unlock everything the Iron Cown has to offer, you’ll need to spend a minimum of US$175.

Unsurprisingly, the Apex community is not happy about the cost of the limited-time cosmetics, with players taking to the Apex Legends subreddit to vent their frustrations.

Redditor, HerpMcHerp called the event “one of the biggest RNG paywalls I have even seen in a game to date.”

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