A high-octane anime that throws you into a world where strength reigns supreme?

Sign us up! No doubt the Wind Breaker opening song and ending song reflects the anime’s vibes perfectly.

Wind Breaker follows the story of a high schooler named Haruka Sakura, who is only interested in fighting the strongest. Because of this obsession, he transfers to Furin High, a school known for its tough students and brawls.

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All Wind Breaker episodes and where to watch

However, he very quickly finds out that they don’t do this in a malicious way. Instead, they use their strength to protect their town.

Despite wanting to be a lone wolf, Haruka ends up making friends with other students who also want to be the top. The anime mixes action with themes of friendship and finding one’s identity and place in the world.

Wind Breaker opening song and ending song

Wind Breaker opening song — “Absolute Zero” by natori

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Wind Breaker review: What sets it apart from Tokyo Revengers

The Wind Breaker opening song is “Absolute Zero,” written, composed, and performed by natori.

A singer-songwriter from Japan, he started making waves in 2021 when he posted his music on TikTok. In 2022, his song “Overdose” went viral, garnering millions of views and propelling him into the spotlight.

Natori was featured in Spotify Japan’s “RADAR: Early Noise 2023,” a list highlighting promising new artists. He released his first full album in December 2023.

This rising star blends traditional Japanese sounds with modern pop music to create a unique and beautiful sound. In an interview with Natalie, a Japanese music website, he cited Tatsuya Kitani as one of his inspirations. Listen to natori on his official YouTube channel here.

Wind Breaker ending song — “Muteki” by Young Kee

The Wind Breaker ending song is “Muteki” by Young Kee.

Another relatively new Japanese singer-songwriter who debuted in August 2021, Young Kee bends music genres with a focus on melody and storytelling.

Their lyrics are known to be distinctive, and their voice is described as having a delightful blend of sweetness and edginess.

Listen to Young Kee on their official YouTube channel here.

Where to watch Wind Breaker anime

The anime is available on the following platforms: 

Availability varies by region.

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