Don’t miss your chance to snag the Solo Leveling vinyl soundtrack on preorder, a must-have for any avid anime music collector!

Get ready to crank the music of Solo Leveling up to eleven! This exclusive release boasts the electrifying score by the famed Hiroyuki Sawano, who also composed music for hit anime series such as Attack on Titan, Seven Deadly Sins, and Kill La Kill.

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It doesn’t end with the songs either; the complete set looks stunning and will turn heads the next time you have guests over.

Find out in this article what is included in the set and where you can lock in your Solo Leveling vinyl preorder.

What is in the Solo Leveling Vinyl preorder?

All Sung Jinwoo costumes in Solo Leveling Arise
Solo Leveling Vinyl Preorder Black set includes soundtrack and exclusive artwork

The Solo Leveling vinyl soundtrack is a double-LP set featuring the anime’s score by Hiroyuki Sawano, the vinyl set includes the following tracks:

Side A

  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.1
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.2
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.3
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.4

Side B

  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.5
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.6
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.7
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.8
  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.9
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Solo Leveling novel: Total no. of volumes, where to read

Side C

  • [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.10
  • DunGeoN
  • Hunter→Monster
  • Am→Km

Side D

  • everydayLV.0
  • Aikari
  • onlyORE
  • 4eVR
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Is Solo Leveling over? Status of novel, manhwa, and anime

The set is housed in a collector’s edition gatefold with exclusive artwork, and can come with either black or red vinyls.

The red edition is exclusive to Crunchyroll.

Solo Leveling vinyl soundtrack release date

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Preorders are available right now, with an expected delivery date of September, 2024.

How to preorder the Solo Leveling vinyl soundtrack?

Solo Leveling Vinyl Preorder Exclusive Red Crunchyroll edition includes soundtrack and exclusive artwork
Credit: Crunchyroll

Fans can lock in their preorders with Crunchyroll, Milan, Amazon Vinyl, IGN, or Black Screen Records. We have placed the links below.

5 anime like Solo Leveling to power up your watchlist

Keep in mind the Crunchyroll exclusive red variant can only be found on Crunchyroll’s official store.

Amazon VinylUS$52.98
Black Screen RecordsEU€34,00
Solo Leveling Original Series Soundtrack
Credit: Hiroyuki Sawano

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