The First Slam Dunk movie is a major box office hit in Japan, becoming the 10th highest-earning anime film in the country.

The animated film earned a total of ¥13.88 billion and sold 9.66 million tickets over a span of 156 days, according to a news report by Anime News Network.

The First Slam Dunk is a film adaptation of the popular basketball-themed manga and anime series by Inoue Takehiko.

Slam Dunk follows the story of Hanamichi Sakuragi, a delinquent who joins his high school basketball team to impress a girl he likes. Along the way, he discovers a love for the sport and forms strong bonds with his teammates.

The First Slam Dunk movie becomes the highest-grossing sports anime film in Japan

Shohoku High team from The First Slam Dunk
Credit: Toei Animation

At the time of writing, The First Slam Dunk movie ranks as the 16th highest-earning film in Japan. Compared to other anime films specifically, the movie has secured the 10th spot in revenue generated, just behind Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume and Weathering With You.

1stDemon Slayer: Mugen Train movie¥40.43 billion2020
2ndSpirited Away¥31.68 billion2001
3rdYour Name¥25.17 billion2016
4thPrincess Mononoke¥20.18 billion1997
5thOne Piece Film: Red¥19.7 billion2022
6thHowl’s Moving Castle¥19.6 billion2004
7thPonyo¥15.5 billion2008
8thSuzume¥14.61 billion2022
9thWeathering with You¥14.23 billion2019
10thThe First Slam Dunk movie¥13.96 billion2022

The series has been a fan favorite among sports anime enthusiasts since its release in 1990 and has even been credited with popularizing basketball in Japan. Despite airing its first episode over 30 years ago, the popularity of the basketball-themed series remains unwavering.

In The First Slam Dunk movie, the lead character Hanamichi takes a backseat while the focus is shifted to Shohoku High’s point guard, Ryota Miyagi. The film picks up from where the anime left off, with Hanamichi and Miyagi participating in the inter-high tournament.

The movie’s success has sparked the possibility of continuing Slam Dunk‘s story. However, neither the creator, Takehiko Inoue, nor the animation studio, Toei Animation, have made any announcements regarding the future of Slam Dunk.

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