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Introducing the Solo Leveling game characters!

Solo Leveling Arise is an action RPG title by Netmarble that is a must-play mobile and PC game for fans of the widely popular manhwa.

All Solo Leveling episodes and where to watch them
Credit: A-1 Pictures
All Solo Leveling episodes and where to watch them

Players step into the shoes of Jinwoo Sung, the protagonist who stands out as the only hunter who keeps leveling. However, Jinwoo is not alone on this perilous journey.

Players can team up with other hunters in the series, each with unique abilities and skills.

To master every hunter’s abilities and form strategies to clear gates, you’ll need to know each character and what they can do.

All Solo Leveling game characters

Sung Jinwoo

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Sung Jinwoo is an exceptional hunter with a unique ability to level up in Solo Leveling Arise. Originally known as The Weakest Hunter of All Mankind, his life changed dramatically after the Double Dungeon Incident. Jinwoo gained access to a mysterious system that made him significantly more powerful after this event.

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One of Jinwoo’s most remarkable abilities is his power to turn the deceased into his Shadow Soldiers, adding a strategic element to his gameplay.

His journey from an E-Rank hunter to a formidable force showcases his remarkable growth and adaptation in Solo Leveling.

Hae In Cha

Solo Leveling game character Hae in Cha in the Solo Leveling Arise game by Netmarble
Credit: Netmarble

Hae In Cha is the 9th S-Rank hunter discovered in South Korea and serves as the vice guild master of the Hunters Guild.

Hae In Cha possesses a unique ability to smell mana, which influences her daily life. She must cover her nose with a handkerchief.

She is fascinated with Sung Jinwoo because he is the only hunter she has ever encountered with a pleasant scent.

Jong In Choi

Solo Leveling game character Jong In Choi in the Solo Leveling Arise game by Netmarble
Credit: Netmarble

Jong In Choi is the guild master of the Hunters Guild, the premier guild in South Korea. Renowned as The Ultimate Hunter, he is an S-Rank Mage-type hunter known for his mastery of Fire Magic.

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Jong In Choi’s Fire Magic is so potent that he can incinerate a building in the blink of an eye, showcasing his formidable power and earning him his fearsome reputation.

Yoonho Baek

Solo Leveling game character Yoonho Baek in the Solo Leveling Arise game by Netmarble
Credit: Netmarble

Yoonho Baek is the guild master of the White Tiger Guild and an S-Rank hunter in Solo Leveling Arise. Initially, he was one of the four founding members of the Fiend Guild.

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He later decided to part ways with them and took guild members from his previous guild to establish the White Tigers. One of Yoonho Baek’s most intriguing abilities is “Beast Transformation,” which allows him to morph into a fearsome Magic Beast.

Full list of Solo Leveling Arise characters

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Is Solo Leveling over? Status of novel, manhwa, and anime

Here is a comprehensive list of all playable characters in the Solo Leveling game:

Sung JinwooS rank
Hae In ChaS rank
Emma LaurentTBD
Choi Jong InS rank
Yoonho BaekS rank
Tae Gyu LimS rank
Jinho YooD rank
Chul KimA rank
Joohee LeeB rank
Jinchul WooA rank
Taeshik KangB rank
Heejin ParkB rank
Song Yi HanE rank
Byung Gu MinS rank
Dongsoo HwangS rank
Dongsuk HwangC rank
Bora LeeA rank
Sangshik KimD rank
Chiyul SongC rank
Kyuhwan JoC rank

To download the game, visit iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store, or the official website for PC users. Check your system requirements here.

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