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The wait is over for fans of the hit manga series, for the Sakamoto Days anime is on the horizon.

The news broke on May 18, 2024, during an interview with License Global, where Netflix VP of Consumer Products John Simon announced the lineup of shows coming to the streaming service in 2024 and beyond. 

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Among the exciting additions was the highly-anticipated Sakamoto Days anime, a series that promises to bring the action and comedy of the manga to life.

What is Sakamoto Days?

Sakamoto Days is a hilarious and action-packed manga created by Yuto Suzuki. It debuted on November 21, 2020, in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Sakamoto Days Weekly Shonen Jump issues 22 and 23 featuring chapter 164 of the manga
Credit: Shueisha, Viz Media, Yuto Suzuki
Read all about former hitman Taro Sakamoto in the Sakamoto Days Manga Bundle Vol 1-10!

Sakamoto Days fall under the shounen genre, typically aimed at young male demographics and featuring stories with themes of friendship, perseverance, and overcoming challenges. 

The story revolves around Taro Sakamoto, a legendary hitman who traded his deadly past for a quiet life running a convenience store with his family.

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However, his peaceful days are shattered when former enemies and colleagues resurface, forcing him to dust off his old skills and protect his loved ones.

Sakamoto Days is still ongoing, currently with a total of 165 chapters as of writing.

Sakamoto Days anime release window

The Sakamoto Days anime is expected to be released in January 2025.

Netflix includes Sakamoto Days anime in their upcoming release lineup

According to Simon, the global streaming company is working with various partners to create consumer products based on its most popular shows.

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Some upcoming shows and movies include One Piece live-action season 2, Squid Game season 2, Outer Banks season 4, and The Lincoln Lawyer season 3.

You can watch the anime’s first trailer below.

Netflix lineup for 2024 and 2025

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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F2024
Squid Game season 22024
Outer Banks season 42024
The Lincoln Lawyer season 32024
The Diplomat season 22024
Love is Blind season 72024
Sakamoto Days2024
Squid Game: The Challenge season 22024
The Electric State2025
Kpop Demon Hunters2025
Stranger Things season 52025
One Piece live action season 22025

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