Manga Plus by Shueisha, the renowned manga platform known for providing exclusive content straight from Japan to readers around the globe, is gearing up for a grand celebration of its 5th anniversary.

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To commemorate this milestone, Manga Plus is unveiling two exciting specials for its dedicated user base. Fans can enjoy a limited-time discount on the Deluxe Plan, offering exclusive benefits and access to a vast library of manga titles.

Additionally, the platform is offering three exclusive interviews with the editors of Sakamoto Days, Kaiju No.8 (Monster #8), and Kagurabachi, providing insights into the creation and development of these beloved manga series.

Manga Plus by Shueisha’s 5th-anniversary special will offer a limited-time discount and exclusive editor interviews

Manga Plus by Shueisha 5th anniversary special offers
Credit: Shueisha

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Shueisha is offering an exclusive discount on its Manga Plus MAX Deluxe Plan.

For a limited time, manga enthusiasts can enjoy the Deluxe Plan for $3.99, unlimited access to over 15,000 chapters from 190 works, including completed series, and an ad-free reading experience.

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This special promotion is a token of appreciation to the dedicated community for their unwavering support.

Shueisha is presenting exclusive interviews with three manga editors as part of the anniversary celebration.

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These interviews will be released over three days, offering readers insights into the creative process and inspirations behind the beloved manga series.

Day 1Sakamoto DaysYuto Suzuki
Day 2Kaiju No.8 (Monster #8)Seijiro Nakaji
Day 3KagurabachiTakuro Imamura

“We are incredibly grateful to our community for their continuous support over the past five years,” said Yuta Momiyama, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the JUMP+ editorial department.

“These anniversary specials are our way of giving back to the dedicated readers who have made MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA a hub for manga enthusiasts worldwide.”

To enjoy the limited-time discount on the Deluxe Plan subscription and access the exclusive editor interviews, you must visit the Manga Plus by Shueisha app or website from February 16 to March 31, 2024.

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