Is Merry dead? This question has lingered in the minds of One Piece fans, especially those who fondly remember Merry as Kaya’s butler and the original designer of the iconic ship, the Going Merry.

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The fate of this beloved character has been a subject of discussion, considering the emotional attachment fans have developed over the years. As a loyal ally and a crucial figure in the early adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, Merry holds a special place in the hearts of those who followed the journey from the East Blue to the Grand Line.

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During the events of the Syrup Village Arc, Merry gets attacked by the notorious Captain Kuro — who was then masquerading as Klahadore — with his Cat Claws, leaving the defenseless man to die in a pool of his own blood.

Is Merry dead?

Is Merry dead after being attacked by Captain Kuro?
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The answer to this question varies depending on which version of One Piece you’re referring to.

In the manga and anime, Merry manages to survive Kuro’s assault, yet the live-action series takes a different turn, depicting Merry’s demise as Sham and Buchi discard his lifeless body down a well.

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A departure from the original storyline occurs when, instead of Kaya stumbling upon Merry in the mansion, it is Zoro and Usopp who discover his remains in the well, marking the final appearance of Merry in this altered narrative.

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