So, how did Luffy get the scar on his chest in One Piece? While many viewers are keeping up with One Pieces’ latest episodes and manga, a lot of new fans are wondering how Luffy got the scar on his chest in the popular show.

Monkey D. Luffy, the ever-grinning captain of the Straw Hat Pirates has faced a lot of tough challenges on his journey to become the Pirate King, but each one makes him stronger. His scars show he’s been through a lot, but they also show he never backs down.

Luffy started One Piece’s chapter with a small stitch scar under his left eye. As the story unfolded, he received a jagged X scar on his chest much later in the story. Not only do scars change the visual appearance of the characters in an anime, they usually have some significance. Here we will discuss when and how Luffy got the scar on his chest.

When does Luffy get the scar on his chest in One Piece?

When does Luffy get the scar on his chest
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Luffy got the “X” scar during the Marineford War arc in the show. However, viewers only come to know more about the scar after the time-skip in the anime. This mark wasn’t earned during a glorious fight, but It’s a memento of a devastating loss, a symbol of both grief and the will to keep going.

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How did Luffy get the scar on his chest in One Piece?

Luffy X Mark scar
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After witnessing the death of his beloved brother, Ace, at the hands of Admiral Akainu, Luffy was pushed into a state of shock and despair. In that moment of vulnerability, Akainu delivered a magma-infused punch, aiming to end Luffy’s life as well. But Jinbe, a tough Fishman swordsman, stepped in. He got hit instead, shielding Luffy. Even though he lessened the punch’s blow, the hot magma still left an X scar on both Luffy and Jinbe.

This scar always reminds Luffy of losing Ace, his brother. It shows the pain he felt and how much he cared for Ace, but it also shows Jinbe’s loyalty and the relationship they share in the anime. In addition, the scar shows how Luffy decided to keep going, even when he felt sad. He didn’t want Ace’s sacrifice to mean nothing. Instead, he used it as motivation to keep chasing his dream and become stronger.

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