Enter the captivating realm of Mashle, where magical abilities define societal standing and a lack of it is met with peril.

In a world where everyone bears a distinctive magical mark, Mash Burnedead stands out as an exception, devoid of magical prowess yet possessing unparalleled strength.

Join us as we explore the diverse cast of Mashle characters, understanding how the magicless Mash Burnedead navigates the challenges and competes with the top wizards in his world where magic reigns supreme.

All the main characters of Mashle and their seiyuu

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Mash BurnedeadChiaki Kobayashi
Finn AmesReiji Kawashima
Dot BarrettTakuya Eguchi
Lance CrownKaito Ishikawa
Lemon IrvineReina Ueda
Rayne AmesYuuki Kaji
Wahlberg BaiganMugihito Tenchi
Regro BurnedeadYuuichi Nagashima
Brad ColemanKatsuyuki Konishi
Abel WalkerYuuichirou Umehara
Cell WarNatsuki Hanae
Rhodes EamusTaito Ban
Love CuteAoi Koga
Farman CregosYutaka Aoyama
Silva IronToshiki Masuda
Tom KnowlesWataru Komada
Claude LucciShinnosuke Tachibana
Lloyd CavillYuusuke Shirai
Lauren CabasseIkumi Hasegawa
Olore AndrewKenji Nomura
Anna CrownRiona Imaizumi
Milo GeniusShuuichirou Umeda
Shuen GetsukuShouta Hayama
Wirth MaldKento Itou
Abyss RazorHikori Nanami
Ansa ShinriKengo Kawanishi

Mash, possessing superhuman strength yet devoid of magical abilities, leads a quiet life with his father.

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However, this tranquility is shattered when the authorities uncover Mash’s magical deficiency. Faced with an ultimatum, Mash must either ascend to the status of a “Divine Visionary” or face persecution for a lifetime.

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To shield his family from the impending doom, Mash decided to enroll in the prestigious Easton Magic Academy — an exclusive school for the elite and gifted.

Mash must outperform all the top students in the academy and overcome his lack of magic.

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Season 1 of Mashle was broadcast from April 8 to July 1, 2023. Season 2 is scheduled for release on January 6, 2024.

New Mashle characters in season 2

Promotional image for Mashle season 2 anime
Credit: A-1 Pictures

A set of new main characters of Mashle season 2 was announced in Jump Festa 2024, including a new group of powerful wizards.

Ryoh GrantsLight CaneJunichi Suwabe
Orter MadlDesert CaneTomoki Ono
Kaldo GehennaFlame CaneNobunaga Shimazaki
Renatus RevolImmortal CaneShinichori Miki
Agito TyroneDragon CaneKisho Taniyama
Tsurara HalestoneIce CaneTomori Kusunoki
Sophina BriviaKnowledge CaneSaori Hayami
Rayne AmesSword CaneKaji Yuki

The master canes comprise thirteen ancient wands, accessible exclusively to individuals possessing innate magical talent and power.

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