If you want to strengthen your Wuthering Waves team, you must farm the right ingredients.

One ingredient that’s required for ascending certain Resonators is the Lanternberry — a plant with fluorescent fruits that glows in the dark. These plants are a key component for ascending Jianxin and Baizhi.

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Luckily, this Lanternberry Wuthering Waves guide is all you need to determine where to find these plants and the perfect farming route.

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What is Lanternberry in Wuthering Waves?

Lanternberries are most often found in caves. Their fruits emit fluorescence in the dark, which miners on Solaris-3 use to navigate the dark areas in Tiger’s Maw.

Lanternberry description in Wuthering Waves
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Families also use the plant, tucking it into their loved ones’ belongings in the hope that it will lead them safely home through the darkness.

Lanternberry Wuthering Waves location

This plant is mostly concentrated in one area, making it easy to farm.

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Most of it is found in the surrounding areas of the Tiger’s Maw mine in the Huanglong Region. To safely travel in the area, fast travel in the area’s Resonance Nexus.

Regarding its farming route, Lanternberries are easy to farm since they are located in only one area.

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If you prefer not to farm them manually, you can purchase them at the Shifang Pharmacy in the southern area of Jinzhou for 3,000 Shell Credits.

Best Lanternberry Wuthering Waves farming route

There is currently only one place where Lanternberry is available in Wuthering Waves.

Lanternberry Wuthering Waves farming route
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