Numerous permanent events are available in Wuthering Waves, but none compare to the Awakening Journey.

This event is particularly significant because it rewards players with a free 5-Star weapon upon completion, making it a crucial quest for those looking to enhance their strength in the game.

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How much storage does Wuthering WW? All you need to know before downloading the game

Additionally, players can choose from various weapon types, ranging from swords to broadblades.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Awakening Journey event and how to obtain your free weapon.

Get a free 5-Star weapon in Wuthering Waves through the Awakening Journey event

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The event has five tiers, each with corresponding rewards.

5Five Lustrous Tides
200 Astrites
15Five Lustrous Tides
400 Astrites
2515 Lustrous Tides
Two Crystal Solvents
3515 Lustrous Tides
Four Crystal Solvents
45Rank 5 Weapon Supply Chest: Winter Blume
1000 Astrites

To increase your Union Level, you need to complete quests, with the main quest offering the most EXP. Side quests and companion quests also contribute to raising your level.

Upon reaching Union Level 45, you will receive a Rank 5 Weapon Supply Chest: Winter Blume.

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This chest allows you to choose one of five weapons: Abyss Surges (Gauntlets), Emerald of Genesis (Sword), Lustrous Razor (Broadblade), Static Mist (Pistols), or Cosmic Ripples (Rectifier).

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