China is set to host its first international Valorant event, the VCT 2024 Masters tournament, in Shanghai.

Riot Games is commemorating the one-year anniversary of Valorant’s launch in China by hosting their second biggest Valorant event of the year after Champions.

On July 29, Leo Faria, the Global head of Valorant esports, made the official announcement. Though specific details are yet to be revealed, we anticipate the tournament to be held sometime in July next year, coinciding with the anniversary of Valorant’s release in China.

Riot Games celebrates Valorant’s one-year anniversary in China with a VCT 2024 Masters event

Riot Games initially launched Valorant in 2020. After sorting out licensing and permit issues, it is finally ready to launch in China on July 12.

To commemorate Valorant’s release in China, Riot Games released the Ignite fan melee on July 14, a limited edition item that players could purchase in the in-game store.

Valorant’s expansion in China will reach new heights next year as top teams from around the world gear up to travel to Shanghai and compete for the prestigious Masters trophy.

As of Valorant Champions 2022, Valorant took significant steps to include Chinese esports teams in its global events. Edward Gaming paved the way as the first Chinese team to participate in an international Valorant event, earning their spot after they won the East Asia Last Chance tournament. 

Subsequently, more Chinese teams have appeared at international VCT events, highlighting the game’s expanding presence and influence within the Chinese esports community.

Over the years, Riot Games has established a rich tradition of organizing esteemed esports events in China. From their office in Shanghai, the company manages the LPL (League of Legends Pro League), showcasing its commitment to the region.

They have also successfully hosted multiple World Championships in China. Worlds 2017 was hosted in four cities across China: Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. Three years later, World’s tenth iteration of the League of Legends World Championship returned to China, with the entire event hosted in Shanghai.

You can watch the full VCT 2024 Masters announcement below:

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