Valorant officially launched worldwide yesterday and also introduced a new map, Ascent.

However, it took less than one day for players to find a new broken spot on Ascent that can only be reached by Jett (and possibly Omen), which gives you a clear view of both A garden and the A site.

Reddit user Noobface shared the spot — that surprised even his teammates — in the Valorant subreddit.

From the Defender’s side of Ascent, Jett can use her Updraft ability twice to reach the top corner of A Garden. Players will need to jump from the wooden platform, and then use her Updraft ability twice to reach the maximum height needed to get to the top of the corner.

From there, Jett has an overpowered vantage point where she can spot a small portion of the A Site, which she can use to catch unsuspecting Attacker players going into A Garden.

From the looks of it, Omen should also be able to teleport to the spot.

As Ascent wasn’t part of the 2-month long closed beta, don’t be surprised if more bugs and map exploits are revealed soon.

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