Riot Games has introduced Sova as the newest agent for Valorant, its highly anticipated tactical first-person shooter.

The character reveal is the game’s third in as many weeks, following teasers released for Phoenix and Viper.

Sova brings the skills of a highly trained hunter to the world of Valorant. While his main preview image shows him brandishing a sniper rifle, he’s also quite handy with a bow and arrow.  

His character trailer reveals plenty of interesting abilities, including a couple that are useful for revealing enemy locations and long-range damage-dealing:

  • Owl Drone — Can be deployed to scout the map and fire darts at enemies.
  • Shock Bolt — Causes heavy damage through an electrical bolt.
  • Recon Bolt — Releases an EMP wave-like effect upon impact, revealing any enemies hiding within its range.
  • Hunter’s Fury — Sova’s ultimate ability, which fires three energy spears that covers the entire map. Any enemy hit by the blasts are marked and receive heavy damage.

Valorant is scheduled for release in summer 2020 for PC. For more of the latest updates, follow the game on Twitter.

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