As Valorant’s closed beta has been out for about a month now, Riot has decided to update its community on how they plan to tackle player harassment moving forward.

Valorant Executive Producer, Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon explained that “harassment and bullying in games is not a status quo I’m comfortable accepting.”

Though the gaming community has continuously tackled toxic behavior in online games for years now, Riot says they have a plan in place to make sure everyone has a better online experience.

First, Donlon explained that they have implemented features which promote competitive, non-verbal communications, in the hopes that this will lessen bickering among players. Valorant’s agents automatically call out enemies who carry the attacker’s spike, and the game has its own ping system.

Riot has also established a dedicated ‘Central Player Dynamics’ team, that will explore the science and research of what promotes fair play.

“With any competitive game, we expect spirits to get high and things to get tense—we’re not going to ban someone just because they got passionate about winning or losing. But I also know that some experiences can go beyond enthusiasm. Sometimes, they extend into harassment. That’s what we’re not okay with.”

Riot is currently working on its ‘code of conduct’ ruleset, which will exemplify baseline expectations on how it intends to build its community.

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