Want a free player card to show off in your Valorant games?

Fans were treated to quite the surprise when Riot Games dropped a brand-new lore cinematic trailer called ‘Duality’ in the middle of the Grand Final match of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavík, Iceland.

The short was revealed after the second game between Sentinels and Fnatic, and was intended to be a continuation of the ‘Duelists’ cinematic from Valorant’s launch back in June 2020.

VCT viewers are given access to an exclusive free player card

Credit: Riot Games

The free player card highlights a not-so-shocking twist from the ‘Duality’ trailer, the realization that there are two — possibly even multiple — alternate worlds out to obtain Radianite.

As such, the player card shows Yoru, Jett, Viper, Phoenix, and Cypher preparing to hop through a portal that leads to a parallel reality.

Valorant players can visit redeem.playvalorant.com. From there, key in a special code, YTILAUD, to claim an exclusive free player card.

When the Duality free player card was originally announced by Riot Games, fans only had 48 hours to redeem the freebie.

However, due to the instability of the site’s code redemption tool caused by the high volume of traffic, Riot Games has since removed the time limit and expiration on the redeem code.

Follow the PlayValorant Twitter page to keep updated on when the free player card will be available again.

The Valorant lore continues to evolve

No doubt, excited Valorant fans will have even more questions about the game’s lore moving forward. Riot has mentioned previously that it aims to delve deeper into Kingdom, the secretive corporation mentioned in the game’s story. 

In the meantime, however, the developer is expected to drop a new agent in Patch 3.0.

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