Are you ready to start your Valorant ranked grind? 

Valorant Game Director, Joe “Hephastopheles” Ziegler has announced that “rated (competitive mode) will likely be out some time next week.”

Players who were able to secure themselves a Valorant closed beta key back in May were able to experience the game’s competitive mode, in which players were required to play 20 unrated games followed by five placement matches.

Credit: Riot Games

This would then identify their appropriate ranking from Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, to the game’s highest rank — which was previously called Valorant. But, according to an email interview between Polygon and Valorant Senior Designer Sean Szopinski at the end of May, “Riot confirmed that the team plans to change the Valorant rank’s name for the launch of the game.”

For those who have been playing Valorant’s unrated mode since its June 2 release, you’ve probably noticed some type of hidden MMR at work, because the game still tracks player’s performances and match results, to pair them with other users with similar skill groups.

Players can also expect some changes to Valorant’s ranking system, once the competitive mode is added to the game.

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